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Marketing - Research

Modified Aug 07 - 06:01

in Marketing The best companies create a market. By definition, market research won’t help to find a hidden need. Stop Listening, start looking The way to improve your research is to stop just listening to what customers say and start looking at wh "...

Customer - Churn Analysis

Modified Aug 07 - 05:54

Churn is typically defined as Churn can be deceiving especially if your growth is accelerating (it will look lower than it actually is). A customer churn: from a online store: When a customer stops buying from a businesgrowtmodemarketing campaignc "...

Postfix - SMTP Banner

Modified Aug 07 - 05:47

The smtp banner is printed when a remote client connect to the SMTP server. It's the text that follows the 220 status code in the SMTP greeting banner. Example With a connection through the network with SMTP command We receive the banner Postfix Con "...

Regexp - Word Characters

Modified Aug 01 - 11:10

A word can be represented by the shorthand class (\w) and is specified as: any letter (ie the class [A-Za-z]) or any digit (ie the class [0-9]) or the underscore character (ie the [_]) It would then be expressed as the following class [0-9A-Za-z_] "...

Nginx - Location block

Modified Jul 30 - 13:40

A location block is a block that is located inside a server block and maps a a resource path to a destination path such as: a local directory or an other service (see ) A server block may have several location block. Articles Related Example Syntax "...

Php - Regular expressions (Perl-compatible)

Modified Jul 29 - 14:28

in Php are an implementation of Perl (PCRE) with the PCRE library (See ). Therefore, the syntax for patterns used in these functions closely resembles to Perl (PCRE) but not totally. See reference.pcre.pattern.differencesPerl Differences Articles R "...

How to preload HTML resource (Javascript, StyleSheet)

Modified Jul 28 - 18:39

This article shows you how to preload HTML resources to use them at a later time.

Java - Regular Expression

Modified Jul 28 - 15:08

The Regular Expression implementation in Java is based on PCRE. See the comparison to perl section on the java/util/regex/Patternpattern regular expression page Regular expressions are managed within Java with the following classes: java/util/regex/ "...

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How to define recursion in Regular expression using recursive subexpression ?

Created Jul 28 - 12:58

This page is recursive subexpression in regular expression. It permits to define string that shows a recursive pattern Example In Rugby syntax: where: ?<S> define the group name S for the expression enclosed in parenthesis. ie (A \g<S>...

What are the attributes with whitespace-separated list of words ? ( HTML /XML)

Created Jul 23 - 14:49

HTML Some attributes have as value a whitespace-separated list of words. Features This attributes are specials because they allow special word functions. Word selection based wortilde equalityfoobarclaclassrelink

What is the asterisk selector (known as Universal Selector)

Created Jul 23 - 14:42

The universal selector is the star character. (002aasterisk U+002A It permits to select all type of tag element. The selection matchs any tag name. Example All descendant elements of the body that have a foo attribute SyntaxElement selectoClass selec...

What is ffmpeg ? And how to resize your video ?

Created Jul 22 - 15:14

ffmpeg is a command line to record, convert and stream audio and video. This is the simple tool to manipulate and convert any video. How to install it ? You can download it or install it via your package manager. Exa...

What is the SQL case statement ? (or switch)

Created Jul 18 - 14:15

In sql, the case expression is a conditional expression that is the equivalent to the more general switch expression (same function, just another word). Example As for a switch statement, there is also two ways to write a case statement: with values...

What does x86_64 mean ?

Created Jul 13 - 15:46

When searching the type of cpu that your computer has, the output may gives x86_64 x86_64 means that you have a CPU with: a X86 architecture and a 64 bit word size Example With the uname linux command

What is the outerHTML property and how does it work ?

Created Jul 12 - 18:34

outerHTML is a property of a node element that permits to replace the target element with an HTML fragment innerHTML Example HTML fragmentInsertAdjacentHTML Security script elements inserted using outerHTML do not execute when they are inserted.

What are Hypertext Progressive based App ?

Created Jul 12 - 18:20

An hypertext progressive app is a single page application model that is based: on the fetch of HTML fragment (ie hypertext) on the server that replaces only a part of the web page. The definition of the code logic (get/put/delete) is declared in HT...

Data all the way

Always keep one hand firmly on data, Amos liked to say.

Data is what set psychology apart from philosophy, and physics from metaphysics.

Amos Tversky (The undoing project)

Data Warehouse Subsystems

Developing a data warehouse means assembling a lot of subsystems in order to create a whole and coherent data application.

Discovers the 34 Kimball Subsystems and drill down to discover them

Data Warehouse Subsystems

Data Processing

Data processing has changed a lot since 1940 :) and luckily, we are not using punch card anymore.

Stream processing is becoming the norm in data integration task while batch processing stays the king in data analysis.

Data Processing

ENIAC, 1946

The first fully electronic digital computer

Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the translation of process into the world of data. The process is tricky but not insurmountable.

Data Modeling

Dimensional Data Modeling

Dimensional Data Modeling permits you to model a (hyper)cube and analyse a process through different perspective. You define dimensions, measures and metrics.

Dimensional Data Modeling

Most programs process some input to produce some output; that’s pretty much the definition of computing.


A Function is the basic block of all reusable code component. It is also becoming the central component of any serverless architecture.


Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention.

Computing Division at the Department of the Treasury, mid 1920s

Table / Relation

The table format (known also as a relation) is the most important data structure used in data analysis. Did you know that its name originate from the medieval counting table ?


Education isn't something you can finish.

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