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How Rich Text editor in HTML are made (Principles and Demo)

Modified Dec 03 - 16:16

How do you create a Rich Text editor in HTML, what are the well-known text editor and what are the principals. This article includes also a basic example where you can extend from to build your own...

File System - Virtual File System (VFS)

Modified Dec 02 - 14:10

File System - Virtual File System (VFS) About A Virtual File System (VFS) is a Language - Application Programming Interface ( API ) between: * an application or an operating system's kernel * and a concrete File - File System (filesystem) (Lo...

Database - Call level interface (CLI)

Modified Nov 30 - 09:35

Database - Call level interface (CLI) About Call level interface (CLI) is a type of Database - API (Interface) (next to Jdbc/ODBC). It's also known as the callable Structured Query Language (SQL) programming interface. A callable SQL interface is...

Php - Oracle (OCI Installation)

Modified Nov 30 - 09:32

Php - Oracle (OCI Installation) About This page is showing how to install an Oracle - OCI (Oracle Call Interface) Articles Related Steps for php at the command line * Get an 32 bit instant client zip file


OBIEE 10G/11G - Oracle Call Interface (OCI) configuration

Modified Nov 30 - 09:23

OBIEE 10G/11G - Oracle Call Interface (OCI) configuration About This page shows you how to install an Oracle - OCI (Oracle Call Interface) driver with OBIEE. Articles Related Prerequisites 10g To use it you have to install it on the BI Server...


Modified Nov 30 - 09:20

Php About Php is a Language - Script that runs: * on a web server via PHP - FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) * or directly at the command line via the Php - Php engine. Example The below...

Php - Php engine

Modified Nov 30 - 09:15

Php - Php engine About Php is the Command Line (Interpreter|Interface) interpreter of the php engine. Articles Related Usage Installation / Directory The cli is not installed by default with a remi installation. You need to install it explicitl...

Web - CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

Modified Nov 30 - 09:14

Web - CGI (Common Gateway Interface) About Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is the oldest interface, and is supported by nearly every HTTP - Server out of the box. The web server will: * parse the HTTP - Request into * call the cgi-compatible...

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Database - API (Interface)

Created Nov 30 - 09:31

Database - API (Interface) API About To be able to run command remotely, several Language - Application Programming Interface ( API )API have been specified. Driver The implementation for each database is called a driver. You can: * use them d...

Oracle - OCI (Oracle Call Interface)

Created Nov 30 - 09:25

Oracle - OCI (Oracle Call Interface) About OCI stands for Oracle Call Interface (OCI). It's an database Database - Call level interface (CLI) API that permits to communicate with the Database....


Created Nov 30 - 08:49

FastCGI About FastCGI is an open extension to Web - CGI (Common Gateway Interface). FastCGI is a replacement for “standard” CGI scripts. In old-school CGI, the web server would start up your script, send it a request, wait for a response, the...


Bootstrap - AutoCompletion with DropDown

Created Nov 29 - 09:32

Bootstrap - AutoCompletion with DropDown About This page shows how to create a How to create an Autocompletion functionality with CSS, Javascript and HTML with the dropdown component of Bootstrap. This is an adaptation of the How to create an Aut...

HTML - Data Block

Created Nov 25 - 13:58

HTML - Data Block HTML About data block are a way to embed How to store and use data in HTML in a HTML - Document. Example The well known is Web Page Metadata - Json-Ld syntax data block Syntax They are HTML - (Client-side) Script (Element) whe...

Gulp - Watch and Reload a Node Server

Created Nov 22 - 14:57

Gulp - Watch and Reload a Node Server About This page shows showcase how to reload a Node - Web Server with the watch possibility of Web - Gulp Builder Code Below is an example of gulp.esm.js file that show case how to do it. You can adapt it to ...

React - Multiple Root

Created Nov 22 - 13:19

React - Multiple Root About This page shows how to React - ReactDOM.render multiple React - Root element in the same web page Demo This demo shows you how to render twice the same root. * The HTML with two HTML - Div element (no meaning) whe...

Web Build Operation - Tree Shaking

Created Nov 22 - 09:22

Web Build Operation - Tree Shaking About tree-shaking is a Web - Build Operations that eliminates dead code (code written but not used). treeJavascript Module - Dependency Graph...

Data all the way


Data Warehouse Subsystems

Developing a data warehouse means assembling a lot of subsystems in order to create a whole and coherent data application.

Discovers the 34 Kimball Subsystems and drill down to discover them

Data Warehouse Subsystems


Data Processing

Data processing has changed a lot since 1940 :) and luckily, we are not using punch card anymore.

Stream processing is becoming the norm in data integration task while batch processing stays the king in data analysis.

Data Processing

ENIAC, 1946

The first fully electronic digital computer



Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the translation of process into the world of data. The process is tricky but not insurmountable.

Data Modeling


Dimensional Data Modeling

Dimensional Data Modeling permits you to model a (hyper)cube and analyse a process through different perspective. You define dimensions, measures and metrics.

Dimensional Data Modeling

Most programs process some input to produce some output; that’s pretty much the definition of computing.



A Function is the basic block of all reusable code component. It is also becoming the central component of any serverless architecture.


Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention.

Computing Division at the Department of the Treasury, mid 1920s




Table / Relation

The table format (known also as a relation) is the most important data structure used in data analysis. Did you know that its name originate from the medieval counting table ?


Education isn't something you can finish.

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