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What is a Client Side Router? (React, )

Modified Friday 08-12 05:41

Within any virtual DOM application such as React, if you want to route the HTTP request in the browser, you will use a client-side router. What they do basically is that when a router component (generally a link) is clicked, it will target and render...

What is the HTTP Host Header and how it is used?

Modified Friday 08-12 05:02

This page explains to you what is the HTTP HOST header, how and where it's used.

Ovh Virtual Hosting Subdomain
What is and how works a virtual host / custom domain / vanity hostnames

Modified Friday 08-12 02:29

This article gives you an overview on how and where virtual hosting / custom domain is implemented.

URL - URL Rewrite

Modified Friday 08-12 10:52

URLURL url rewrite is the rewrite of the URL based on condition (generally via a regular-expression parser) to reroute requested URLs on the fly. The URL manipulations/matching can depend on various tests of: server variables, environment variables,...

What are the HTTP Request Methods (Get, Post, Put, )?

Modified Friday 08-12 09:29

The http method is a mandatory header of http request that defines the type of operation. A minimal get request from this page It's used by the web server router to map a request to a function. You can therefore also find them in the definition...

What is a Web Server Router? (HTTP Server)

Modified Friday 08-12 09:23

A router is the routing system of web server that maps an HTTP request: based: on the request method and path specified in the URL of the request to a chain of request handler (function/method) that will: process the request sequentially ...

Card Puncher Data Processing
User Interface ( GUI )

Modified Wednesday 06-12 10:35

GUI User intrerface (UI) may have the following form: console graphic (Gui) sensor (camera, ...) This section is mostly Graphic User Interface (GUI) The user interface is based on: widget and on container for this widgets (in order to...

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UI - Dialog

Modified Wednesday 06-12 10:33

dialog is a overlay window (floating element) that requires immediate attention, appearing over the page content and blocking interactions with the page until it is dismissed through an action. is a window that comes at the top or bottom...

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What is a broker in an event-driven architecture?

Created Monday 04-12 02:24

In a event-driven architecture, a message broker (or “broker”): receives messages (event) from publishers and delivers them to subscribers. RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Solace, etc.

Thomas Bayes
What is Event Detection or Event mining?

Created Monday 04-12 00:23

Event Mining or Event detection can be defined as a process of finding: the frequent events, the rare events, unknown event (it occurrence can be deduced from observation of the system), the anomaly, the correlation between events, the consequences...

Card Puncher Data Processing
What is an Async Request (fire and forget)?

Created Monday 04-12 11:25

An Async Request is a event-driven request where: you don't need a response from the server because you're not requesting or asking for anything you just want to communicate or inform that “something happened.” This type of request is also...

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What are Channels?

Created Monday 04-12 11:19

A channel has a name or identifier (e.g., user_signed_up) that supports a single type of message. Channel may also be referred as: topics, routing keys, event types, etc. All brokers support communication through multiple channels. Channel...

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What is a protocol?

Created Monday 04-12 10:40

A protocol is a process that designs: the interactions that may occur between participants (known as agents) the states of this interactions (lifecycle) finite automata

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What are the kinds of dependency relationships?

Created Friday 01-12 07:44

This article lists the relationship that you can find between dependency in dependency tree. direct: a dependency of your package dev: a dependency needed to develop and build the package transitive: a dependency of a dependency provided by...

What are JSON Web Keys (Jwk)?

Created Monday 06-11 01:05

A JSON Web Key (Jwk) represents a key as a JSON object. These JSON documents are provided by an identity provider server like Google, Microsoft, etc…​ but you can also generate your keys: online: . offline: ...

Scale Counter Graph
What are observability data pipeline tools? known as Telemetry agent

Created Thursday 02-11 09:05

An observability data pipeline is a pipeline tool dedicated to observability data (logs, metrics, and traces). It collects them (log collector, metrics collector, ...) from multiple sources transform, and enrich them with filters, route, and...

Data all the way

Always keep one hand firmly on data, Amos liked to say.

Data is what set psychology apart from philosophy, and physics from metaphysics.

Amos Tversky (The undoing project)
Data Warehouse Subsystem

Data Warehouse Subsystems

Developing a data warehouse means assembling a lot of subsystems in order to create a whole and coherent data application.

Discovers the 34 Kimball Subsystems and drill down to discover them

Data Warehouse Subsystems

Card Puncher Data Processing

Data Processing

Data processing has changed a lot since 1940 :) and luckily, we are not using punch card anymore.

Stream processing is becoming the norm in data integration task while batch processing stays the king in data analysis.

Data Processing

ENIAC, 1946

The first fully electronic digital computer

Eniac 1946

Table Recursion Rectangle

Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the translation of process into the world of data. The process is tricky but not insurmountable.

Data Modeling

Dimensional Data Modeling

Dimensional Data Modeling permits you to model a (hyper)cube and analyse a process through different perspective. You define dimensions, measures and metrics.

Dimensional Data Modeling

Most programs process some input to produce some output; that’s pretty much the definition of computing.

Function Home


A Function is the basic block of all reusable code component. It is also becoming the central component of any serverless architecture.


Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention.

Computing Division at the Department of the Treasury, mid 1920s

Computing Division At The Dept Of The Treasur 1920

Remington Rand Univac

Medieval Counting Table

Table / Relation

The table format (known also as a relation) is the most important data structure used in data analysis. Did you know that its name originate from the medieval counting table ?


Education isn't something you can finish.

Richard Feynman
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