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A buildspec.yml file informs AWS CodeBuild of all the actions that should be taken during a build execution for our application. We are able to divide the build execution in separate pre-defined phases for logical organization, and list the commands that will be executed on the provisioned build server performing a build execution job.

Example: buildspec.yml

version: 0.2

      - echo Logging in to Amazon ECR...
      # Retrieves docker credentials so that the subsequent docker push command is
      # authorized. Authentication is performed automatically by the AWS CLI
      # using the AWS credentials associated with the IAM role assigned to the
      # instances in your AWS CodeBuild project.
      - $(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region $AWS_DEFAULT_REGION)
      - echo Build started on `date`
      - echo Building the Docker image...
      - docker build -t mythicalmysfits/service:latest .
      # Tag the built docker image using the appropriate Amazon ECR endpoint and relevant
      # repository for our service container. This ensures that when the docker push
      # command is executed later, it will be pushed to the appropriate repository.
      - docker tag mythicalmysfits/service:latest $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID.dkr.ecr.$
      - echo Build completed on `date`
      - echo Pushing the Docker image..
      # Push the image to ECR.
      - docker push $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID.dkr.ecr.$
      - echo Completed pushing Docker image. Deploying Docker image to AWS Fargate on `date`
      # Create a artifacts file that contains the name and location of the image
      # pushed to ECR. This will be used by AWS CodePipeline to automate
      # deployment of this specific container to Amazon ECS.
      - printf '[{"name":"MythicalMysfits-Service","imageUri":"%s"}]' $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID.dkr.ecr.$ > imagedefinitions.json
  # Indicate that the created imagedefinitions.json file created on the previous
  # line is to be referenceable as an artifact of the build execution job.
  files: imagedefinitions.json

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