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A shell is just another name for a command line interpreter.

The name shell originates from shells being an outer layer of interface between the user and an application.

The most known shell are the Shell such as bash, dos, powershell but others language may also provide a shell (Python is the most known)

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Command Line (Interpreter|Interface)

A command line interpreter is a interpreter that executes commands at the console in a interactive way via the REPL paradigm in a script A command line interpreter is also known as: command line...
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IPython (Interactive Shell)

command description ? Introduction and overview of IPython’s features. %quickref Quick reference help Python’s own help system. object? Details ‘object’, use ‘object??’ for extra...
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Interactive programming

is the procedure of writing parts of a program while it is already active. A human executes code, looks at the results of this execution, and decides the next steps based on these outcomes. (ie REPL).REPL...
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Os - Shell

This page is shell in an OS context A shell is a command line interpreter for OS Command. In a more detailed way, a shell is: an interactive application providing a read-eval-print loop environment...
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Vert.x - Shell

A Vert.x Shell provides a remotely accessible shell available via Telnet, SSH that provides a variety of commands for interacting live with Vert.x services A Vert.x Shell can be provided via the deployment...

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