Counter - Collector

1 - About

Metrics collector query and collects metrics in order to be able to analyze them.

Metrics can also be seen as metrics oriented messages

3 - Protocol

Every protocol (language) can be used to query counter but there is some specialized to do that such as:

4 - List

4.1 - Daemon - Collector Only

Daemon that collects system and application performance metrics periodically and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways.

Name Language OS Description
Counter - Telegraph (Perf Metrics Collector) Go Linux and Windows
collectd C Mostly Linux Clojure ? monitors distributed systems. A network event stream processing system
reporter .. .. Reporter are a client piece of code which process a registry's metrics periodically

4.2 - Daemon - Collector + Graph

Name Language OS Description Java Linux and Windows Write only to RRD - See probes (collect, store, graph) config Java Linux and Windows Write only to RRD/MySQL database Perl ? Write only to RRD

4.3 - Utility


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