Counter - Collector


Metrics collector query and collects metrics in order to be able to analyze them.

Metrics can also be seen as metrics oriented messages


Every protocol (language) can be used to query counter but there is some specialized to do that such as:


Daemon - Collector Only

Daemon that collects system and application performance metrics periodically and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways.

Name Language OS Description
Counter - Telegraph (Perf Metrics Collector) Go Linux and Windows
collectd C Mostly Linux Clojure ? monitors distributed systems. A network event stream processing system
reporter .. .. Reporter are a client piece of code which process a registry's metrics periodically

Daemon - Collector + Graph

Name Language OS Description Java Linux and Windows Write only to RRD - See probes (collect, store, graph) config Java Linux and Windows Write only to RRD/MySQL database Perl ? Write only to RRD


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