Computer Monitoring - (Operational Intelligence|Real Time Monitoring|Control)


Whereas business intelligence is data gathered for analyzing trends over time, operational intelligence provides a picture of what is currently happening within a system.

Monitoring seems to be the process of defining:

in order to respond quickly to a performance degradation.

The fundamental building blocks of performance monitoring are:

The monitoring community is now very aware that metrics usually aren’t normally distributed. Good; but most have NO IDEA what that means.

Computing Systems and Network Control

Measurements (sensors) are typically related to resource utilization in the computing system or network and can include quantities such as the processor load, memory usage or network bandwidth.

Control variables (actuators) typically involve setting limits on the resources available to a process.

This might be done by controlling:

  • the amount of memory,
  • disk space
  • or time

that a process can consume,

  • turning on or off processing,
  • delaying availability of a resource
  • or rejecting incoming requests to a server process

To decide if a process will become idle (ie not ready to serve a request), the parameters that control the server represent a trade-off between:

  • performance (how quickly requests receive a response)
  • and resource usage (the amount of processing power and memory used by the server).

p75 - Feedback Systems An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers - Karl Johan Astrom Richard M. Murray

See also a web server model on the same page.

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