Color - (Parameters|Properties) Color Description

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Colors are represented in a coordinate cartésien model known as a colorspace.

Each colorspace has between 3 and 4 coordinates that are known as color channel (ie color property)



A human colorspace will use this three color appearance parameters:

  • Hue: The rainbow colour in the in the visual spectrum.
  • Saturation ( Chroma / Intensity): The purity of hue, dullness, temperature (Power), warmth, coolness of hue
  • Value: The lightness (Brightness) from light to dark of hue

Hsv Plotly

opacity (alpha, transparency) is more a characteristic of the area.


A physical colorspace will use:

They are based on the fact that you can add or substract them to create other color (secondary, tertiary)


Documentation / Reference

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How to calculate the color differences and/or a distance between two colors ?
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ColorSpace (Model)

A color space (or model) is a coordinate space where a set of coordinate define an unique color.

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