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A color picker is an ui component that permits to select a color in a colorspace.

It may be represented as :

One of the most powerful feature of a color picker, is that it permits to discover a colorspace.


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CIELChab (a.k.a. LCh or HCL ) ColorSpace

CIELChab is a colorspace based on the following coordinates: L: lightness: in the range [0, 100] C is the Polar_coordinate_systempolar coordinates of chroma, relative saturation in [0, 230] H is...
Color - RGB (Red Green Blue Additive Model)

Red Green Blue (RGB) is a color space (model) that specify a color by setting the amount of each of its three primary colors Red, Green, Blue (RGB). Red Green Blue is an additive model where primary...
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ColorSpace (Model)

A color space (or model) is a coordinate space where a set of coordinate define an unique color.
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Datacadamia - Data all the things

Computer science from a data perspective
What are the (HSV|HSI|HSL) color spaces? (Hue, Saturation, Value, Intensity, Lightness)

HSV and HSL are human color space. They are more comprehensible by a human as opposed to a physical colorspace (such as RGB) that was created for a device (monitor, printing).

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