Relation - Database Benchmark



Type of TPC benchmarks model:

  • the operational aspect of the business environment where transactions are executed on a real time basis.
  • the simpler, more static model of decision support.

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TPC-DS does not benchmark the operational systems.

The TPC-DS benchmark, models the challenges of business intelligence systems where operational data is used both:

  • to support the making of business decisions in near real time
  • and to direct long-range planning and exploration.

Big data - TPC-DS is well-known in the industry as the right benchmark for data warehousing workloads because it uses larger tables and more complex queries representative of real analytics use cases. TPC-DS consisting of 99 queries.


TPC - TPC-H Decision Support Benchmark Sample Schema: Measures performance against 22 different queries and is typically used to evaluate data warehouses and other decision support systems.

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