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Errors can be triggered by any number of events or scenarios, including:

  • session failure,
  • platform constraints,
  • bad data,
  • time constraints,
  • mismatched control totals,
  • dependencies,
  • or server availability.

Error Handling Task

Several types of tasks within the Workflow Manager are designed to assist in error handling. The following is a subset of these tasks:

  • Command Task allows the user to specify one or more shell commands to run during the workflow.
  • Control Task allows the user to stop, abort, or fail the top-level workflow or the parent workflow based on an input-link condition.
  • Decision Task allows the user to enter a condition that determines the execution of the workflow. This task determines how the PowerCenter Integration Service executes a workflow.
  • Event Task specifies the sequence of task execution in a workflow. The event is triggered based on the completion of the sequence of tasks.
  • Timer Task allows the user to specify the period of time to wait before the Integration Service executes the next task in the workflow. The user can choose to either set a specific time and date to start the next task or wait a period of time after the start time of another task.
  • Email Task allows the user to configure email to be set to an administrator or business owner in the event that an error is encountered by a workflow task.

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