Business Intelligence Application

1 - About

Business Intelligence Application is also known as :

  • Enterprise Performance Management applications
  • Analytic applications

You may find also Bi Data Quality Application such as :

Some BI applications are common for all types of enterprise, others are specific to some industries.

You use them for/to :

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting and seasonal planning
  • Financial consolidations and reporting
  • Customer and product profitability analysis
  • Price, volume, and mix analysis
  • Executive information systems
  • model complex scenarios,
  • forecast business trends,
  • perform “what-if” analyses.

Although OLAP applications are found in widely divergent functional areas, all require the following key features:

  • Multidimensional views of data
  • Calculation-intensive capabilities
  • Time intelligence

Example of predictive analytics applications:

  • customer segmentatiion,
  • up-sell en cross-sell,
  • campagne management,
  • customer acquisition
  • customer retention

3 - Prepackaged BI Applications

4 - By Department

4.1 - Finance

Finance departments use OLAP for applications such as :

  • budgeting,
  • activity-based costing (allocations),
  • financial performance analysis,
  • and financial modeling.

4.2 - Sales

Sales departments use OLAP for :

  • sales analysis and forecasting.
  • Understand the health of the pipeline
  • Improve Sales forecast accuracy
  • Track the performance of the sales team
  • Allocate resources based on customer value and needs
  • Increase revenue through better lead tracking and management

4.3 - Marketing

Marketing departments use OLAP for :

  • market research analysis,
  • sales forecasting,
  • promotions analysis,
  • customer analysis,
  • and market/customer segmentation.

You use the Marketing Intelligence to

  • Identify high-potential customer segments that maximize the ROI
  • Identify products most likely to appeal to different customer segments
  • Identify up-sell opportunities
  • Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Understand which message, package and vehicle works best on each customer segment
  • Measure the ROI of each campaign, track the gifts and program costs

4.4 - Manufacturing

Typical manufacturing OLAP applications include :

  • production planning and defect analysis.

5 - Quote

6 - Example

6.1 - How to make BI more pervasive throughout an organization.

While one of the primary methods for doing this is to make it easier to use by non-technical employees, I believe another way is to provide concrete, readily comprehendible examples.

The TV coverage on election night demonstrated both.

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