What is Infrastructure as code? (Configuration, Provisioning, and Software Deployment)

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Infrastructure as code means that all ops operations are scripted and are found in code.

They are used in DevOps pipeling for continuous deployment


You will find three kind of software in this area:



  • client-only architecture for CloudFormation, Ansible, and Terraform
  • client/server architecture by default for Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack


  • a procedural style where you need to check the state before making any changes. Chef and Ansible
  • a declarative style where you defined the wanted state. Terraform, CloudFormation, SaltStack, and Puppet

Frameworks / Application

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of infrastructures as code application.


Configuration Management

Name Type Other
Fabric Functional
Ansible, Red Hat Declarative ansible-semaphore/semaphore Opensource alternative at Tower written in (Go)
Salt (Python) Command line and declarative
Sup Leverage bash script
chef - Chef Ruby
Jenkins Ssh Publish Over SSH plugin with a parametrized job
Azure Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (dsc)



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Configuration Management

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Infrastructure as code Application

Application This section is composed of the applications that you can use to implement a infrastructure as code
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