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A library is a component meant to be consumed either by:

A library is also known as a package. (

not to confound with the term package that may be refer to the scope/directory of a script


Library are reusable software components that encapsulate solutions to common problems.

Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love.



When the library is ready to be reused by other library, you distribute it


A library manager helps to:

A library manager is also known under the term package manager. See Code Shipping - (Package|Library|Dependency) Manager


library are published, shared and available for consumption in a remote location called a repository.

A repository may be local on your computer but it has a cache function and is only available to yourself

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Code Deployment - Shared library

A shared library is used to share a set of code sources across applications. You define an application's dependency on a shared library when deploying the application.
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Code Shipping - (Library|Package) (Distribution|Publication)

Distribution is the process of uploading a library into a repository via a packaging system in order to make it available for reuse. A library or an application could then reuse it by declaring it as...
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Code Shipping - (Module|Component)

Module are several source scripts (compiled or not) bundled together as a mean to: group code that can be: reused. The component is then called: a library or package when distributed or a dependency...
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Code Shipping - Application

An application is a component not meant to be reused whereas a library is.
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dynamic languages does not have any type system (by default). (a variable may store any kind of value. To overcome this situation, developers create definition files that defines a library in terms of...
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in code. A (module|package|library) often requires other (packages|module) to be installed to function correctly. Such a relation is called a dependency. Coupling or dependency is the degree to which...
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Code Shipping - Deployment

After the creation of release, the next step in a deployment pipeline is to deploy the code (ie archive). Generally, It implies: to run a deployment software with the release as parameter. the output...
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Code Shipping - Installation

installation refers to the process of: deploying a application on a computer or installing a library declared as dependency in a project
Javascript - Library

library in Javascript. A library is a distribution format as a package that is created from a module bundle from a prototype The difference between a package and a library is that the modules are...
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R - Library

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