Code Shipping - Feature Development / Planning

Ignorance is a feature of the human mind, not a bug

Large codebase

Ostensibly, rapid deployment is at odds with feature development that requires large changes to the codebase. The solution is to break down such changes into a sequence of smaller and safer ones, hidden behind an abstraction.

For example, data migration from an existing store to a new one can be broken down. See data migration example

Third party


Features can be in one of 4 states:

  • Internal
  • Incubating
  • Public
  • Deprecated

See Gradle example

toggle (flag)


A feature toggle (also feature switch, feature flag, feature flipper, conditional feature, etc.) is a switch that can enable or disable a feature at run time (generally for a subset of the users via a web interface).

It's a an alternative to feature branches where a feature can be tested even before it is completed and ready for release.


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