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A binary distribution is the binary representation of the code in a archive format of a release.

Compiled Code is generally packaged in archive that you can get via a package manager.

The distribution step will transfer and reference the archive in a repository.

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Code Shipping - Archive (Distribution)

In the context of code shipping, an archive: contains module (package) in the following form: compiled code or source or/and other resource files is versioned that are used to distribute...
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Code Shipping - Packaging ( Archive | Container )

Packaging is the mechanism that creates module (libraries) from code in order to be able to distributed. (library|package) are generally packaged into an archive of code (such as JAR, ZIP, ... files)....
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Python - Egg distribution (bdist_egg)

Python Eggs are a python binary distribution format. wheelDoc A “Python egg” is a logical structure embodying the release of a specific version...
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Python - Wheel Archive (whl - bdist_wheel)

Wheel is a compiled archive format with the .whl extension. A wheel is a built package that can be installed without needing to go through the “build” process. Installing wheels is substantially faster...

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