Python - Egg distribution (bdist_egg)


Python Eggs are a python binary distribution format.

They have been deprecated for wheel. See Doc

A “Python egg” is a logical structure embodying the release of a specific version of a Python project, comprising:

  • its code,
  • resources
  • project metadata including scripts
  • and information about the project’s dependencies.

They are:

  • cross-platform (for “pure” packages),
  • directly importable,

They can be simply downloaded and added to sys.path directly, or they can be placed in a directory on sys.path and then automatically discovered by the egg runtime system.


There are two basic formats currently implemented for Python eggs:

  • .egg format: a directory or zipfile containing the project’s code and resources, along with an EGG-INFO subdirectory that contains the project’s metadata
  • .egg-info format: a file or directory placed adjacent to the project’s code and resources, that directly contains the project’s metadata.


the project’s metadata (.egg-info) directory

See the command


egg_info must always appear on the command line before any commands that you want the version changes to apply to.

  • Creating a dated “nightly build” snapshot egg:
python egg_info --tag-date --tag-build=DEV bdist_egg
python egg_info -RDb "" sdist bdist_egg

Documentation / Reference

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