Computer System

1 - About

A computer is a device of device controlled by a special device called a CPU.

It consists then of:

  • at least a processor (CPU),
  • a memory device where:
    • primary storage holds data only temporarily, at the time the computer is executing a program.
    • secondary storage holds permanent data
  • and input/output interfaces (also device). (Ex: Input: mouse, keyboard, joystick - Ouptut: a monitor, television)

This invention of the transistor started the whole computer industry as it permits automatic switching of electric signal.

Hardware is a specific physical implementation of a logical computer represented by an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and an organization.

Code (Machine code) in a computer are called instructions.

3 - Operations

All computer operations are carried out by a device and are built from the combinations of logic gates (ie the combinations of boolean functions). Se Instruction - Cycle

4 - Type

4.1 - Single-purpose

The function is built at hardware level.


  • encoders/decoders ,
  • timer

See Computer - Embedded system - Single Purpose

4.2 - General-purpose

A lot of function can be programmed without modifying its hardware.

See Computer - Desktop Computer (General Purpose)

5 - Documentation / Reference

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