Device - Keyboard

74hc00 Circuit


A keyboard is an input device



see Keyboard Layout

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Data System Architecture
Character Set - American Standard Code for Information Interchange ( ASCII )

ASCII is a character set originally based on the English alphabet, it encodes 128 specified characters into 7-bit binary integers (8 bits for the extended ASCII table) ASCII means American Standard Code...
74hc00 Circuit
Device - Input Device

An input device gives input to the computer. mouse, keyboard, joystick sensor
Instruction Cycle
Instruction Cycle - Interrupt

In a instruction cycle, the interrupt is the last part. Interrupts occur at random times during the execution of a program, in response to signals from hardware. Type Mean of Communication between ...
Keyboard Us Layout
Keyboard - Key

A keyboard is composed of key that permits to type characters. Application reacts to the key events (key down, key up, key hold) in order to: write text track keyboards event. (For instance, keylogger)...
Keyboard Us Layout
Keyboard Layout

A keyboard layout is the mapping of a physical key to a character on a keyboard British_and_American_keyboardsUS International keyboard layout The keyboard layout is specified in your operating...
Card Puncher Data Processing
OS - Console (Local terminal)

The console is a character-based console device. Generally when the standard stream are available, we have a console connection. Console are not shell. A console is typically connected to the keyboard...
Character Map 0248 00f8
Text - Character

A character is: an atomic unit of text (10646ISO/IEC 10646:2000 Character specification] is categorized as a primitive data type A character is the smallest component of written language that has...

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