Keyboard Layout

1 - About

A keyboard layout is the mapping of a physical key to a character on a keyboard

3 - Example

4 - Management

The keyboard layout is specified in your operating system.

4.1 - Set

  • windows: language and keyboard options.

4.2 - Modify

4.2.1 - Windows

  • install the Net framework
  • Open the tool and Load Existing Keyboard
  • Remove or modify all assigned keys.
  • Export setup: Project → Build DLL and Setup Package (it should install it)
  • And then set it

Example where I have deleted all Ctrl+Alt / Alt+Ctrl (AltGr) character binding.

4.2.2 - Linux

To bind key on Linux console, the configuration file inputrc is used.

If you have problem with arrows up/down (ie you see the cryptic ASCII-ESC H or ASCII-ESC M sequences in place of the history), check this file first.

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