Keyboard - Key

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Keyboard - Key


A keyboard is composed of key that permits to type characters.

Application reacts to the key events (key down, key up, key hold) in order to:

  • write text
  • track keyboards event. (For instance, keylogger)
  • or run actions known as application shortcut (or access key)

Keyboard Us Layout

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A Keydown is an input device event that tracks when a key goes down on the keyboard. keyup You can attach it to all element. This is also possible to create advanced accesskey (ie...
Devtool Chrome Event Listener
DOM Event - Keyup

keyup is an event that occurs when the key of the keyboard goes up. keydown
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Doskey is an utility that: edits command lines, recalls Windows commands, and creates macros. Switches Description /REINSTALL Installs a new copy of Doskey. /LISTSIZE=size Sets size...
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Navigation / Manipulation of an HTML document with the keys of a keyboard. The tab key is the default key that permits to move from a interactive element to another and therefore change the focus...
Keyboard Us Layout
Keyboard Layout

A keyboard layout is the mapping of a physical key to a character on a keyboard British_and_American_keyboardsUS International keyboard layout The keyboard layout is specified in your operating...
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Session Replay script - Key, Mouse logger

Session replay scripts are used by companies to gain insight into how their customers are using their sites and to identify confusing webpages They captures key pressed. Example with the keydown event...

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