Device - Programmable Device

74hc00 Circuit


A device with its own set of instruction (ie machine language) is a programmable device.


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74hc00 Circuit
Computer - Device

A device is any machine or component that can perform an operation. It is built upon logic gates and therefore only (accept|understand) a series of 0 and 1. The first device was a transistor. ...
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Computer - Graphics processing unit (GPU)

A GPU is a graphic processing unit. It's programmable device and has therefore its own instruction set Drawing computer, games makes heavy use of the GPU to achieve their speed. The graphics processing...
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Computer - Processor

A processor is a programmable device and has therefore its own instruction set. processor means the same thing than microprocessor Intel 64 and IA-32 processors are little endian machines Graphics...
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Instruction (Machine Language)

A machine instruction is a unique bit string that a device can identify and execute. An Instruction refers generally to the words of the language understood by the CPU but other device (such as the GPU...
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Instruction - Execution (Execution environment)

A execution environment is an environment that provides the facility to make instruction executable. It's a sort of context at the computer device level. Execution is the third step in a instruction...
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Instruction - Instruction Set (Device Language)

An instruction set is the basic set of instructions (command) that a programmable device (the most known being the cpu) understands and can execute. Instruction set is a set of instruction that represents...
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Instruction Set - Object Code (Machine Code)

An object code or object module is a plain binary file composed of a series of Cpu instructions (language machine) that a programmable device (generally a CPU) can understand. The term code indicate that...
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Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)

An describe the computer architecture at the highest level. It's the design of an environment that implements an instruction set. An ISA is implemented by a programmable device, the most common being...
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Instructions - Arithmetic Instructions

Arithmetic Instruction are the device implementation of the Arithmetic functions ADD, SUB, MUL, and DIV instructions. The status flags of the EFLAGS register indicate the results...
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Language - Assembly (asm)

Assembly language is a low-level programming language. It's a the second generation of language just above machine language. This language is a much more readable language than machine language because...

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