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A processor is a programmable device and has therefore its own instruction set.

processor means the same thing than microprocessor

Intel 64 and IA-32 processors are little endian machines


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Cpu Moore Law Transistor
CPU - Word

A word is a fixed-sized piece of data processed as a unit by the processor. The word size is defined in the instruction set architecture. The term word is used for a small group of bits that are handled...
Cpu Moore Law Transistor
Computer - Central processing unit (CPU)

A CPU is just a device name that indicate a device that controls a computer system. A CPU is also known as: a or The fundamental operation of most CPUs, regardless of the physical form they take,...
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Computer - Graphics processing unit (GPU)

A GPU is a graphic processing unit. It's programmable device and has therefore its own instruction set Drawing computer, games makes heavy use of the GPU to achieve their speed. The graphics processing...
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Instruction - Execution (Execution environment)

A execution environment is an environment that provides the facility to make instruction executable. It's a sort of context at the computer device level. Execution is the third step in a instruction...
Linux - How to determine the version of the kernel ?

This article regroups all the way that you have to determine the version of the kernel from a Linux software. Information the kernel can be found with uname command. To determine the kernel version,...
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Memory - Byte Order - (Endian-ness) of a Word

Storage of a word in memory of more than one byte (ie byte array) If each memory address of the memory array can store only a single byte, you need to split the word in multi-part one byte long. This...
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Memory Segment - Stack Segment (SS)

The Stack Segment is a segment that holds a stack. It's a stack implementation of memory locations. As the stack is a segment, it is a contiguous array of memory locations. When using: the...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Micro processor

A microprocessor is a processor contained on a single chip. Microprocessors Central_processing_unit
Z80 Registers
Processor - (Execution) Register

Register for a processor. They are located inside the processor. They are the quickest memory and are then located at the top of the memory hierarchy. Zoom of CPU register of the Z80 processor (Source)...

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