CPU - Physical Core

Cpu Moore Law Transistor


Another name for an instance of a processor core.

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Cpu System Load
CPU - (System) Load Average

The performance load metrics in the context of a system. This CPU metrics is often called a CPU Load average but this is really a system load average as Unix refers it as the run-queue length. Ie: ...
Cpu Moore Law Transistor
CPU - Core

A core can be: Physical Core or Logical Core
Cpu Moore Law Transistor
CPU - Logical Core

A special subdivision of a physical core in systems supporting Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT). A logical core shares some of its execution path with one or more other logical cores. For example, a...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Hardware - Virtual Processor

An abstract representation of a physical CPU presented to a guest virtual machine.
Multi Threading Puppies
Process - (Kernel) Thread (Lightweight processes - LWP)

A thread is a child unit of execution of a process (also known as the ). Threads exist within a process. A process acts as a container for threads. A process is a unit of resources, while a thread is...

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