CPU - Transistor


The transistor is a device that that enable automatic switching of electrical signals. It was invented by William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain and started the whole computer industry.


A transistor is a resistor whose values can vary based transistor on an input voltage value.

The electrical signal switch off and on is based on the voltage level:

  • At 0 volt, no current can pass through a transistor - light bulb off
  • at +3.5 v, current can flow through a transistor - light bulb on

As the resistor value vary between this voltage, a transistor can also be used as a current amplifier (more voltage, less resistance)

Bit are implemented with transistor where:

  • the value 0 is the voltage 0
  • the value 1 is a voltage +3.5 v

Moore Law by number of transistor

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