Pointer Register

Z80 Registers

Pointer Register


same as Memory Segment - Logical Address (pointers) ???

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General Purpose Register 16 32 Bit
CPU Register - General Purpose Register (GPR)

The General purpose registers are available for storing: operands (input and output) and pointers Register Name Use EAX Accumulator Accumulator for operands and results data, Used in...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Instruction - Instruction Pointer Register

The instruction pointer register is a control register that holds the location of the next instruction in a pipeline, and increments itself after every instruction. If every instructions had a size...
Cpu Memory Management Segmented Model
Memory Segment - Segment Selector

A segment selector is the unique identifier of a segment and is used in the first part of logical address. See logical address syntax It is a special pointer that identifies a segment in memory. Its...
Z80 Registers
Processor - (Execution) Register

Register for a processor. They are located inside the processor. They are the quickest memory and are then located at the top of the memory hierarchy. Zoom of CPU register of the Z80 processor (Source)...
Cpu Moore Law Transistor
Stack Pointer Register (ESP)

The stack pointer register is holds in the ESP general purpose register As a general rule should not be used for another purpose.

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