Bit - Binary Number

1 - About

A bit also known as binary digit is the smallest unit of the binary numeral system. ie 0 or 1

whereas the smallest unit of computer storage is a byte, which represents 8 bits.

A binary 'bit' is also known as binary digit.

The term binary implies the numeral system base 2

3 - Computer

3.1 - implementation

A bit in a computer is represented by the state of a transistor. See transistor state.

The more transistor, the more bit.

3.2 - storage

The smallest unit of computer that is stored is a byte, which represents 8 bits.

See Bit - Physical Representation and Storage

3.3 - addition

Bit - Adder Device (Adding two bits)

3.4 - name

  • nibble - 4 bit
  • byte - 8 byte
  • more … See Byte unit

4 - Operations

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