Bit String

Cpu Moore Law Transistor


A bit string is a string of Bit (ie an ordered sequence of 0’s and 1’s).

In computer, this is:


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Cpu Moore Law Transistor
Bit - Significant - Least Significant Bits (LSB) - Most Significant Bits (MSB)

in bit. LSB = The right-most bit(s) of a bit string. MSB = The left-most bit(s) of a bit string
Cryptography - Block Cipher

A Block cipher is a cipher where the unit of process is a block. A family of functions and their inverse functions that is parameterized by cryptographic keys. The functions map bit strings of a fixed...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Instruction (Machine Language)

A machine instruction is a unique bit string that a device can identify and execute. An Instruction refers generally to the words of the language understood by the CPU but other device (such as the GPU...

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