Computer - Capacity Planning (Sizing)


Capacity planning is the process of predicting a future system load in order to to determine the type of hardware required for a software.

Capacity = the number of agents (m) = the number of parallel process

The number of users logged into the system is not the concurrency one who are the actual users processing /querying. While there is an exception to every rule, you will rarely see concurrency go above 20% of the numbers of users unless a specific period of time such for a specific processes such as a financial close period.

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis

Capacity planning is closed linked to Performance analysis. The difference is that:

  • performance analysis involves tuning the current system so that it can perform better, thereby enabling it to support more users.
  • Capacity planning, on the other hand, focuses on how many users a site can support and how to scale the site so it can support more users.

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