Performance - Load Metric (Capacity)

Scale Counter Graph


A load is the utilization over a period of time of a resource such as:

How to reduce the load ?

To reduce the load, the most common technique is to implement a cache.

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Cpu System Load
CPU - (System) Load Average

The performance load metrics in the context of a system. This CPU metrics is often called a CPU Load average but this is really a system load average as Unix refers it as the run-queue length. Ie: ...
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Performance Capacity
Performance - Capacity x Load x Time Visualization

The operational characteristics are determined by: capacity: the number of agents (m) load: the utilization of the agents (ρ) performance: the time you spend in the system (R) The...
Scale Counter Graph
Performance - Utilization

A percent over a time interval. eg, “one disk is running at 90% utilization”. mean Utilization is also known as load
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This article talks Stream Processing vs Batch Processing. The most important difference is that: in batch processing the size (cardinality) of the data to process is known whereas in a stream processing,...

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