Computer - Motherboard


The motherboard is a PCB that connect the component of a computer

Each CPU needs a compatible motherboard that can host it.

Each motherboard is defined by its chipset model that determine the environment that a CPU can control.

A motherboard typically consists of:

  • a slot or more for CPU
  • a chipset of two chips which are the Northbridge and Southbridge chips:
    • The Northbridge chip is responsible for the high-performance communication between CPU, main memory and the graphic card.
    • Southbridge chip is responsible for the communication with I/O devices and other devices that are not performance sensitive.
  • slots for memory sticks
  • a slot or more for graphic cards.
  • generic slots for other devices, e.g. network card, sound card.
  • ports for I/O devices, e.g. keyboard, mouse, USB.

The motherboard organization.

Motherboard Diagram

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