Linear Address Space


In a linear address space, memory appears to a program as a single, continuous address space.

An address for any byte in linear address space is called a linear address.


One Linear address corresponds to one location in the Linear address space.

Linear address space is byte addressable, with addresses running contiguously from 0 to 232 - 1 (if not in 64-bit mode).


Flat memory model

In the flat memory model, the component of a program (Code, Data, and stacks) are all contained in a linear address space (and are therefore not split)

Segmented memory model

The segmented model is mapped into a linear address space.


When an operating system or executive uses paging, the application sees a linear address space (the paging mechanism is transparent to the application program).

A linear address space is the only address space that can be paged.



The processor address space is linear and is called the physical address space

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