Memory Segment - Stack Segment (SS)


The Stack Segment is a segment that holds a stack.

It's a stack implementation of memory locations.

As the stack is a segment, it is a contiguous array of memory locations.



When using:

Operations (PUSH|POP)

Items are:

When an item is:

  • pushed onto the stack, the processor decrements the ESP register, then writes the item at the new top of stack.
  • popped off the stack, the processor reads the item from the top of stack, then increments the ESP register.

In this manner, the stack:

  • grows down in memory (towards lesser addresses) when items are pushed on the stack
  • and shrinks up (towards greater addresses) when the items are popped from the stack.


A stack can be up to 4 GBytes long, the maximum size of a segment.



The ESP Stack pointer register points to the top of the stack segment.


The EBP Base Pointer general purpose register points to the base of the stack segment

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