Memory - Linear Address

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Memory - Linear Address


An address for any byte in linear address space is called a linear address.

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Cpu Memory Management Flat Model
Linear Address Space

In a linear address space, memory appears to a program as a single, continuous address space. An address for any byte in linear address space is called a linear address. One Linear address corresponds...
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Memory - Direct Mapping (Disabled paging)

Direct mapping is another term to design when paging disabled. Each linear address has a one-to-one correspondence with a physical address. Linear addresses are sent out on the processor’s address lines...
Cpu Memory Management Segmented Model
Memory - Segment

A memory segment is the division structure of the segmented memory model. The physical address spec (physical memory) of the primary memory is divide by segment. See virtual memoryvirtual segment ...
Segment Register Init Flat Memory Model
Memory Segment - Segment Register

The segment registers (CS, DS, SS, ES, FS, and GS) hold 16-bit segment selectors To access a particular segment in memory, the segment selector for that segment must be present in the appropriate segment...
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Virtual Memory - Paging or Swapping

A transfer of pages between main memory (RAM) and an secondary storage such as hard disk drive, is referred to as paging or swapping. It's the ability to use the disk to extend the amount of RAM available....

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