Architecture - Von Neumann

1 - About

The Von Neumann organization is the most and well known organization (a sort of reference).

It implements a instruction cycle (fetch, decode, execute, store) with the following components:

  • the CPU to fetch instructions from main memory and execute
  • the memory to store program code and data
  • One or more bus. Today, a computer has several buses, each specialized in a type of traffic:
  • I/O Devices:
    • input device to give input to the computer: keyboard, mouse, sensor, etc
    • output device to take information from the CPU: monitor, LED , …

The data does not move. Only the instruction pointers

You can see it in the Device resources of the Windows device manager:

3 - Type

3.1 - Little Man computer

The Little Man computer is a simple von Neumann architecture computer


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