What is a device pixel ?

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A device pixel is the pixel of device, not a css pixel (logical pixel).

The ratio between a device pixel and a CSS pixel is called a pixel ratio

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CSS - Media Features

media feature is the feature of a media that can be used in a media query in order to target the styling rule to a specific device. width (the total width of the page in CSS pixels (logical pixel))...
CSS - Pixel (Logical Pixel)

CSS pixels are logical pixels used in CSS declarations such as width: 300px or font-size: 14px. An element with width: 300px is always exactly 300 CSS pixels wide CSS pixels are not the actual pixel...
CSS - Point (pt or pts) unit

Point (pt or pts) is a length unit commonly used in the print industry to get device pixel perfect mapping. It's then commonly used with the print media. One point is equivalent to 4/3 physical...
CSS - Scale (Zoom Factor)

Scale is the zoom level of a page is first loaded. When the zooming factor is exactly 100%, one CSS pixel equals one device pixel. The scale when the page is loaded is defined by the viewport...
CSS - Screen

In CSS context, a screen is a (visual) media type that is intended primarily for color computer screens. A user agent on a screen generally impose a minimum width and choose an initial width based on...
CSS - Viewport (Reader's window)

The viewport is the viewing area on a screen media. It's then a property of media. The top media of a browser is the window (ie browser tab) As an iframe create a new window, you can set a new viewport...
Dpi Vs Hpi Pixel
Computer Display - Device Independent Pixel (DIP)

dips (device-independent pixels) comes between: the official, reported screen size and the CSS pixels
HTML - Image (Img tag)

img is an fetch element that represents an image. An image in HTML can also be represented with a picture element that defines logically the same image but may have different physical image (different...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Pixel

The internal “px” (aka “SVG user unit or SVG pixel) is the same than the CSS Pixel. User unit: The length corresponding to the value one after accounting for any transformations Some Inkscape...
Image Intrinsic Dimension
Raster (BitMap) Image

Raster graphics (also called bitmap) is one of the two type of image. The image is represented as dot matrix data structure. A raster is technically characterized by the: width and height of the image...

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