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In CSS context, a screen is a (visual) media type that is intended primarily for color computer screens.

A user agent on a screen generally impose a minimum width and choose an initial width based on the dimensions of the viewport.

See also UI - Screen


The CSS resolution is always given in Css Pixel (not in Hardware pixel)

The CSS screen resolution is determined by:

  • by the pixel ratio.
  • and by the viewport. A screen impose a minimum width and choose an initial width based on the dimensions of the viewport.


  • A mobile screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px (hardware pixel) with a device pixel ratio of 2.
  • The maximum width of the viewport is CSS pixel is then:

<MATH> \text{Maximum Width in CSS Pixel} = \frac{\displaystyle 1920}{\displaystyle 2} = 960 </MATH>

Q & A

Why would the same page look different on the screens with identical resolutions ?


In Google Analytics, you can find the screen resolution at Audience > Technology > Browser > Screen Resolution

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