CSS - Layout Mode (Visual Formatting Model)


This page is about the layout available in CSS.


A layout system is an algorithm which determine the size and position of boxes based on their relationships with their sibling and ancestor boxes:

In Css, a box may be laid out according to the following positioning schemes:

  • Block and Inline Layout known also as:
    • flow layout
    • block formatting content
  • System Layout (Table, Flex, Grid)
Name Designed for Coordinates (according to) Flow
Flow Layout (block-and-inline layout)
block layout laying out block of text (section, paragraph, …) with regards to reading box flow directions Normal flow
inline layout laying out text box flow directions Normal flow
positioned layout explicit positioning without much regard for other elements in the document Containing block Out flow
System Layout
table layout laying out 2D data in a tabular format -
flex layout laying out container objects in a single axis flex direction (horizontal/vertical) (single-axis placement) -
grid laying out container objects in two-dimensional axis double-axis placement

Flex vs Grid

Flex Vs Grid Css 1)


Ultimately, there is only a subset of property that drives a layout system.

You can find them back in the browser devtool in the style section.

Css Layout Properties

Documentation / Reference

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