UI - Layout (laid out) - Composition relationship

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A layout defines the visual structure for a user interface.

It's another term for the definition of the composition relationship of UI elements.

See also: UI - Visitor Eye (Visitor's attention)



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Flex Vs Grid Css
CSS - Layout Mode (Visual Formatting Model)

This page is the layout available in CSS. A layout system is an algorithm which determine the size and position of boxes based on their relationships with their sibling and ancestor boxes: In Css,...
F Pattern
F-Pattern - F-Layout (Golden triangle)

The F-layout is a layout. It comes from eyetracking studies that show that user read naturally the screen in an F pattern. Reading is largely done the same way that a book is read: top to bottom, left...
Firebug Layout
HTML - Layout

layout float with div table html5
React - Composite Component (Layout) / Container Component

React Layout / Composition - There is three methods to create a composite component from simple component / or composite (decorator) Props: via props but alsoRefs (They provide a...
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UI - Container

Containers contains other UI components. They implements the logic (not the rendering that must be done on component level (widget level) A content container is a container that directly contains...
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UI - E layout

The e-layout is a layout with the same idea than the f layout but following a eye path that follows a E form.
Grid Row Container Column
UI - Grid

A Grid is a layout and an element of responsive design 12 columns are just enough for all needed customization Classes of the following box within a 12 columns grid are: Top Red Box: row...
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UI - Responsive Design

Responsive UI design means designing an application by keeping in mind that he'll be used on a range of device screen with different sizes. Responsive layouts in material design adapt to any possible...
Android Screen Buckets
UI Responsive Design - Breakpoint

layouts are responsive (ie change) at what is called breakpoint. Use line measures as a factor for picking breakpoint. where: viewport example (ie the size of the display device) Ipad: 768...
Z Layout
Z-Layout (Z-Pattern)

The z-layout is a layout with the same idea than the f layout but following a eye path that follows a Z form. ...

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