What's a media in the UI space

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A media is an interface with a user.

List of examples

See also Computer - Display (Monitor|Televisions)

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CSS - Media Type (Screen, Paper, ) - Medium

HTML4 and CSS2 currently support media-dependent style sheets tailored for different media types. For example, a document may use: on a screen, sans-serif fonts when displayed when printed, and...
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Computer - Display (Monitor|Televisions)

A display is an output device such as: monitor televisions digital clock tablet mobile See
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A gallery is a serie of media (image, video) shown in a carrousel with or without popup
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OS - Terminal (Emulator) (Term|tty)

A terminal is a media using a fixed-pitch character grid such as: teletypes, portable devices with limited display capabilities bank terminal text based such as console but also graphical...
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Printer Device

A printer is a programmable device with its own set of instruction (ie machine language). see

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