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A widget is a user interface object in a graphical user interface (GUI), such as a button or a scroll bar.

Widgets range:

  • from simple objects that have one value or operation (e.g., check boxes and menu items),
  • to complex (composite objects) that contain many managed sub-objects (e.g., trees and grids).

Widget is not for me a graphical control element or control. as said in wikipedia. (wiki/Widget_(GUI))


Web Widget Role

ARIA Widget


The following roles act as standalone user interface widgets or as part of larger, composite widgets.

  • alert
  • alertdialog
  • button
  • checkbox
  • dialog
  • gridcell
  • link
  • log
  • marquee
  • menuitem
  • menuitemcheckbox
  • menuitemradio
  • option
  • progressbar
  • radio
  • scrollbar
  • slider
  • spinbutton
  • status
  • tabpanel
  • textbox
  • timer
  • tooltip
  • treeitem


The following roles act as composite user interface widgets. These roles typically act as containers that manage other, contained widgets.

  • combobox
  • grid
  • listbox
  • menu
  • menubar
  • radiogroup
  • tablist
  • tree
  • treegrid

Documentation / Reference

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