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A navigation is just a sequence of actions that a user (or programmatic client) can perform.

navigation is anything that changes a page’s URL


Common examples of navigation component are:


On the web, you can test a navigation with a headless browser.


See Guided Navigation

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Guided Navigation

guided navigation is a navigation that guides the user step by step in order to perform a process from start to end. funnel account creation, mailing list subscription shopping cart, ...
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HTML The a (or anchor) is a html element that represents a hyperlink. It is the cornerstone: of every navigation scheme on the web. and of the importance of a page on the internet (pagerank) ...
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A newsletter signup is a guided navigation that aimed to subscribe a user to a newsletter. There is actually two kinds of process: - no email is send - an email is send known also as unverified...
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navigation is the first point in time of a page load. This is the trigger of the page load. It happens when clicking: on a anchor (hyperkink) on a submit form on any element (such as button) that...
Card Puncher Data Processing

tab are a navigational element that permits to navigate from one tabbed page to another in a tabbed dialog box. Each page is a section They follow the same principe than an accordion. You will find...

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