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dialog 1) is a overlay window (floating element)

  • that requires immediate attention,
  • appearing over the page content
  • and blocking interactions with the page until it is dismissed through an action.


How to

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A dialog in HTML represents a part of an application that a user interacts with to perform a task For example: a dialog box, inspector, or window. The HTML with a form and two submit button....
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in Inkscape. Inkscape implements Dockable Dialogs. Drag the dialog in the middle of another one if you want to have them in the same window. Open Shift+Ctrl+One Letter : F for Fill and Stroke,...
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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alert are dialog showing a short message that comes at the top or bottom of your page. Toasts alert: is a minimul call to action are located generally at the top or bottom of the page can...
Card Puncher Data Processing
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An overlay component is a component that comes above the actual components in a absolute position. In Html, it would have a higher value on the z scale (ie z-index) When two elements overlay each other,...

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