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A section is a region in a page that creates the outline of the page.


Examples of sections would be:

A Web site’s home page could be split into sections for an introduction, news items, and contact information.

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Headline Example
A heading is a short sentence that summarize a section of text

A heading is used in a lot of place and this articles regroups them in one
HTML - Sections (Sectioning Content Element)

Sectioning content or sectioning element are elements that creates a logical section A section in HTML logically groups content by thematic. Each section can have one heading or a group of heading associated...
Eye Heatmap Resume
Resume (CV)

A page a resume A good resume follows the same structure than a page to catch the attention: Layout: Clear, simple layouts with clearly marked section and title headers. Layouts that took advantage...
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tab are a navigational element that permits to navigate from one tabbed page to another in a tabbed dialog box. Each page is a section They follow the same principe than an accordion. You will find...
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The composition of a book

The structure of a book can described as being composed of the following part. Half-title: Usually contains: a picture, the title in fancy letters, and anything you would expect to have...
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UI - Header

An header is a area located at the top of its parent such as a page or a section. heading
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UI - Parenthetical

Parenthetical are text that adds information around the main content. They are section / widget whose content is parenthetic or ancillary to the main content of the resource (ie page, windows) Block:...
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UI - Table of Content (ToC) / Outline

A table of content or outline is an hierarchical view of a document. It resume all the sections of the document and is therefore an important part of the navigation for the reader. They permits: ...
UI - Visitor Eye (Visitor's attention)

Where goes the eye in a page ? Visitor's attention by order on a page: The top left corner and banner Images receive the greatest level of attention. Headlines Text (at least is scanned) This...
WebSite Home Page

What is a website home page and it's created

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