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headline is a term that comes from the press and is an homonym of an heading.

Its primary function is to resume a text below and catch the eye.


Headline Example

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Headline Example
A heading is a short sentence that summarize a section of text

A heading is used in a lot of place and this articles regroups them in one
Card Puncher Data Processing
A slogan (tagline) is a short text that gives the spirit of your product or company

A slogan is used to resume what a company is and what the company will
Anatomy Structure Of A Letter
Anatomy of a letter - With which components is a letter written

This page lists the structure or elements that you can find in a letter
Data System Architecture
Features - Block of text are categorized by a name called feature

This page lists the most well known feature of text. They are an important part of the design vocabulary of a letter, web page, email or newspaper.
UI - Visitor Eye (Visitor's attention)

Where goes the eye in a page ? Visitor's attention by order on a page: The top left corner and banner Images receive the greatest level of attention. Headlines Text (at least is scanned) This...

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