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Material UI is a react library that implements material design


React - Material UI - Icon


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React - Component (User-defined Element)

A component is a user-defined react element in the React tree. Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think each piece in isolation. Conceptually, components are like...
React - Material UI - Icon

This page is the svg icon functionality of material ui for react. FYI a font or class (Example with awesome) The SvgIcon component Standardized Material Design icons exported...
UI - Framework

Material Component Amplify Style Guide ...
UI - Material Design

material design is a UI specification and is implemented by a lot of library. React Component: - responsive front-end framework based...
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User Interface ( GUI )

GUI User intrerface (UI) may have the following form: console graphic (Gui) sensor (camera, ...) This section is mostly Graphic User Interface (GUI) The user interface is based on: widget...

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