What is a combobox?

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A combobox is a combo of:


In HTML, the built-in component is known as data list

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What are Floating Lists (listbox popup)?

Floating lists are lists that are presented to the user in a overlay They are also known as listbox popup Type Focus after rendering Dropdown Element in the list Select Element in the list ...
What is a HTML datalist element?

A datalist is a html element that implements a combobox. You define a set of value permitted (a domain) that may be used in a input element by grouping options. You get autocompletion for free. ...
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What is a Search box (Search bar)?

A searchbox or search bar is a combobox where the user enters a search term that should be searched in a collection of documents. The search may be: local in a list of rows (the document being a row)...

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