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Card Puncher Data Processing


Branding in UI regroups the logon, slogan and short text that refers to your company or product.

They are one of the most important piece of UI and therefore should be placed on the left side of the page

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Card Puncher Data Processing
A slogan (tagline) is a short text that gives the spirit of your product or company

A slogan is used to resume what a company is and what the company will
F Pattern
F-Pattern - F-Layout (Golden triangle)

The F-layout is a layout. It comes from eyetracking studies that show that user read naturally the screen in an F pattern. Reading is largely done the same way that a book is read: top to bottom, left...
Data System Architecture
Features - Block of text are categorized by a name called feature

This page lists the most well known feature of text. They are an important part of the design vocabulary of a letter, web page, email or newspaper.

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