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An image is a visual

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Data Visualization - Visual (or Mark)

A visual is an object created from visual primitive that gets the value of its properties from the data. See also: Visual Encoding Bar (ie rectangle) Point (ie Circle or Square) Line Area...
Card Puncher Data Processing
The composition of a book

The structure of a book can described as being composed of the following part. Half-title: Usually contains: a picture, the title in fancy letters, and anything you would expect to have...
UI - Visitor Eye (Visitor's attention)

Where goes the eye in a page ? Visitor's attention by order on a page: The top left corner and banner Images receive the greatest level of attention. Headlines Text (at least is scanned) This...
Card Puncher Data Processing
What is an Icon?

This page is icons. They represent symbolic image. Unicode Block Miscellaneous_SymbolsMiscellaneous Symbols From 2600U+2600 to 26FFU+26FF See also: Icon font for special icon font. with the 260ETelephon...

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