Data Visualization - Visual (or Mark)

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A visual is an object created from visual primitive that gets the value of its properties from the data.

See also: Visual Encoding



but also more elaborate: Chernoff face (Smiley,…)


Regular Text is not considered as a visual but the below typographic effect are

They are based on the Glyph usage (ie font, size)

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Visual Primitive are the basic block of visual. See also: shapes Point, Bar, Line, ... color, position, animation length ...
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The Utah Teapot. Data visualization is the process of mapping quantitative data to visuals (shapes, color, position, etc) to create a graph made of geometric object. Information visualization: ...
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A pull quote is a typographical effect that extracts (pull) a portion of text from the main content to highlight it. Add visual to text-heavy pages with few images or illustrations
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Glyphs are units of visual rendering. A set of glyphs makes up a font. Glyphs can be construed as the basic units of organization of the visual rendering of text, just as characters are the basic unit...

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