What is an Emoji and how to use them

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This page is all about emoji, what they are and how you can use them to add a little bit of emotion in your content

An emoji is a class of unicode character that represents an image and are used to express an sentiment (emotion) , generally on a comment from a forum or discussion

Emoji are image character with an emotion. If you search just an image character, you can check the Icons. Utterly, they may all ends up in a font.


See: Unicode List Unicode Set (Emoj = Yes)

  • U+1F600 to U+1F60F
  • U+1F610 to U+1F61F
  • U+1F620 to U+1F62F
  • U+1F630 to U+1F63F
  • U+1F910 to U+1F91F
  • U+1F920 to U+1F92F
  • U+1F930 to U+1F93F


Emoji characters can be expressed as:


For rendering, the emoji alias name and emoticon would be translated to the unicode code point. See example below.

How to use emoji in HTML


<span style="font-size:30pt">&#x1F600;</span>
<span style="font-size:30pt">&#x1F41E;</span>

Zero Width Joiner emoji (Zwj Emoji)

A Zero Width Joiner emoji is a sequence of emoji that combine to create one emoji.

For instance, to show a family with:

you would add the zero width joiner between them.


<p>The man: &#x1F468;</p>
<p>The girl: &#x1F467;</p>
<p>The boy: &#x1F466;</p>
<p>The family &#x1F468&#x200D;&#x1F467;&#x200D;&#x1F466;</p>
  • Output:

All sequence can be found in:




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