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A text file is a regular file that contains text data.

Binary Data to Characters

To read a text file, you need to give the character set in order to translate the bit (binary data) to character. If you have a problem when displaying the characters (ie text), there is a lot of chance that the given character set is wrong.

You can use character set scanner to detect it.

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Binary File

A binary file is regular file that does not contain textual data but another another format that is defined at the bit level. If the format is unknown, the term used is binary data bit
Characters - Newline - End of Line ( EOL ) - Line Separators - Line Break

To mark line endings in text files, the following characters are used: Unix/Linux file systems use newlines (\n). MacOS uses carriage-returns (\r). Windows uses a carriage-return followed by...
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A script is the text file that contains code (generally from a scripting language). It: is executed directly by via the interpreter without compile phase or the compile step is transparent ...
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Log - Logging

A log is a text file with: a timed list of message (activities) that an application has performed execution/request log: web server: web log ( - that stores the Http request error cron...
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Regular File

regular is a type of file that indicates that the file can store data (ie content). text file, binary file, executable.
Data System Architecture
Text - Editor

A text editor is an application that permits editing a text file. Most text editors support basic text operation (replace, find, ...) but they may also support advanced text manipulation such as refactoring...

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